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 投稿者:小栗幸夫  投稿日:2014年11月16日(日)13時21分3秒
  通報 返信・引用

Dear Japanese Friends,


So many NGO’s of the world participate in the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. This may be a natural response to the massive tragedy of road deaths and injuries in the past 100 years, but it is impressive to see the world's road traffic victims united on this World Day and jointly demanding that their suffering is recognized.

世界の極めて多くのNGO (非政府組織) が世界道路交通犠牲者の日(ワールドディ)に参加します。100年間の道路交通による死傷の悲劇が巨大であったことから、これは当然の結果とも言えますが、ワールドディに、世界の道路交通被害者がつながり、被害者の悲しみが理解されるべきだとアピールすることは印象的です。

Japanese traffic victims and safety organizations began to observe the World Day in 2007. This year, in 2014, World Day ceremonies and events are held throughout Japan, including Hokkaido, Akita, Tokyo, Nara, Osaka and Kumamoto.


It is very encouraging to know that Japanese colleagues are now considering to make the year 2020 a specific year in which to develop their action program for Zero fatalities and serious injuries, since the year 2020 is the last year of the 10th Traffic Safety Program of the Japanese Government, the year of the Olympic games in Tokyo, and also the last year of the Decade of Action for Road Safety.


Let us share the vision and work together worldwide to eradicate the road disaster that continues to afflict humanity.


November 15, 2014      With best wishes,     Brigitte Chaudhry
            President of Road Peace,
            Initiator of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

  2014年11月15日  心を込めて   ブリジッド・ショードリー

Translation by Yukio Oguri, Professor, Faculty of Policy Informatics, Chiba University of Commerce
翻訳 千葉商科大学政策情報学部教授 小栗幸夫

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